Our Staff & Leadership Team

Our Staff

We are blessed with a dedicated staff.

Rev. Sue Campbell has been our minister since 2017.  With 20 years of experience in both rural and urban churches, a love of worship and talent for music, and a commitment to nurturing spiritual growth, we appreciate her leadership.

Cheryl Fisher is our church administrator and has been with us since 2022.  She is vital as the centre of our communications hub and a lot of behind the scenes work.

Sam Domzella is our music director and has been with us since July 2023.  Sam is a talented musician and we are excited by the new possibilities he brings working with our choir, band and the entire congregation.

Kelly Moores is our children’s program coordinator and has been with us since September 2019.  Kelly brings a passion for nature and a dedication to children.

Katie Hackert is our treasurer who ensures bills and staff are paid on time.  We value her expertise with book-keeping.

Our Leadership Team

We are blessed with an awesome group of leaders who meet monthly to pray and discern the direction of our congregation.  Taking care of business is fun when shared in a group who commits to praying together and to participating in an engaging bible study at every meeting.

Our current team consists of:

Randy Warren – chair
Jamie Groh
Mary Feldskov
Marianne Vandervliet
Peter Kupfer
Janet Morlock
John Osborne
Rev. Sue Campbell – our minister