Week of April 21, 2024 Announcements

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During our church building redevelopment project, *Trinity United Church meets at Floradale Mennonite Church at 22 Florapine Road. (on lower level)  There is a rear entranceway, please use the front accessible entrance (main left side doorway) to access elevator. 
 We welcome you to join us for worship in person or on-line
on Sunday.

10:00 am Fellowship time with refreshments

10:30 am Worship service

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In late spring of 2023, the size of the development was increased from 40 units to 53 units of Studio, 1 & 2 & 3 bedroom units.
This resulted from zoning approval from Woolwich Township allowing a 6 story building with 5 floors of apartments, along with our church space, and the 6th floor roof plan with recreation amenities and solar panels.
This increase approval has delayed approvals and processes at the Regional level. 

 This is a benefit for our community to have additional units available.  This benefit does come with a delayed time line.
Due to cost efficiencies for the developers, both buildings will be demolished late summer 2024 after the closing date of May 31,2024.

Here are quick updates on our teams progression:

*We are currently working with GST on finalizing a planning report and writing a design brief report (which is a new item that was not requested last time – which takes a bit of time as it has to include all updated planning policies).

*Traffic study is also still under way and shall be finalized next week.

*Civics study and other reports are complete now

Outside of this we had a meeting with a precast company and worked on a layout that will be most cost effective and fits the city requirements.

Here as per our calls:

We are moving forward as planned. All the reports are almost done.

Expecting the first draft of civil and structural reports later today and final architectural reports.

Hydro G letter was received yesterday and now just will be ready to submit as soon we have a planning and traffic report summarised.

Attached the updated plans for the project.

The traffic engineering letter shall be finalized in the next few days.

And now only waiting for GSP for the design brief and planning report to be complete in order to submit the SPA (site plan approval) to the city.

Thank You

Peter Kupfer – Chair Trinity Development Committee

The current building will be removed and 53 apartment units along with Trinity United church facility (on the lower level of the building) will be built.

This is an exciting time for Elmira, as this Community project offers much needed apartments located in a downtown proximity, close to stores and transit.

Trinity United Church will have a church facility on the lower level of this building, and we look forward to providing a facility that is open to the community and follows our mission of living, learning and loving in Christ’s teaching.

Please watch this update for future information. We will do our best to keep you posted on this project and during the construction stages.


Those who participate in the life and ministry of Trinity United Church are people who are being transformed by their faith in Jesus Christ. They meet weekly for worship, but realize that 1 hour a week is only a beginning. Through the committees, the women’s groups, study groups, Sunday School, youth activities, and other events and activities, these people are making an impact in our community. The people who participate in the life and ministry of Trinity United Church often find themselves involved in other community groups as well. Following Jesus embraces all parts of their lives.

If you live in Elmira you probably already know someone who is part of this church. They come in all ages and walks of life. Why not ask them about Trinity? Better yet, why not come and experience Trinity United Church yourself? “Our mission is to love, learn and live by Christ’s teachings.”