This week’s notes!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

We continue in the season of Lent.  Each week we will focus on images from food stories with Jesus and discover themes that will guide and support our journey through Lent. We’ll consider wisdom themes of inner hospitality, abundance, inclusion, generosity, risk, and letting go. Let this Lent be a feast of Presence.

Thank you to Tony Domzella for planning today’s worship.


Those who participate in the life and ministry of Trinity United Church are people who are being transformed by their faith in Jesus Christ. They meet weekly for worship, but realize that 1 hour a week is only a beginning. Through the committees, the women’s groups, study groups, Sunday School, youth activities, choir, and other events and activities, these people are making an impact in our community. The people who participate in the life and ministry of Trinity United Church often find themselves involved in other community groups as well. Following Jesus embraces all parts of their lives.

If you live in Elmira you probably already know someone who is part of this church. They come in all ages and walks of life. Why not ask them about Trinity? Better yet, why not come and experience Trinity United Church yourself? “Our mission is to love, learn and live by Christ’s teachings.”